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Start a task by saying tasks to Donald McRonald, which is placed at every city. Task list is not definitive, we will be adding more tasks as the server progresses.

  Name Monsters Rewards
Elf Arcanists 300 Elf Arcanists RewardGoesHere
Trolls 100 Trolls RewardGoesHere
Ghosts 300 Ghosts RewardGoesHere
Demons 666 Demons RewardGoesHere
Orc Warriors 200 Orc Warriors RewardGoesHere
Orcs 400 Orcs RewardGoesHere
Snakes 100 Snakes RewardGoesHere
Giant Spiders 500 Giant Spiders RewardGoesHere
Stalkers 300 Stalkers RewardGoesHere
Wasps 200 Wasps RewardGoesHere
Poison Spiders 200 Poison Spiders RewardGoesHere
Swamp Trolls 100 Swamp Trolls RewardGoesHere
Scorpions 100 Scorpions RewardGoesHere
Hyaenas 300 Hyaenas RewardGoesHere
Minotaur Archers 400 Minotaur Archers RewardGoesHere
Priestess 600 Priestess RewardGoesHere
Valkyries 200 Valkyries RewardGoesHere
Monks 200 Monks RewardGoesHere
Dwarves 700 Dwarves RewardGoesHere
Orc Warlords 500 Orc Warlords RewardGoesHere
Necromancers 400 Necromancers RewardGoesHere
Warlocks 600 Warlocks RewardGoesHere
Elf Scouts 300 Elf Scouts RewardGoesHere
Minotaurs 500 Minotaurs RewardGoesHere
Ancient Scarabs 500 Ancient Scarabs RewardGoesHere
Scarabs 500 Scarabs RewardGoesHere
Beholders 300 Beholders RewardGoesHere
Amazons 200 Amazons RewardGoesHere
Skeletons 300 Skeletons RewardGoesHere
Vampires 500 Vampires RewardGoesHere
Witches 300 Witches RewardGoesHere
Larvas 500 Larvas RewardGoesHere
Minotaur Mages 300 Minotaur Mages RewardGoesHere
Black Knights 200 Black Knights RewardGoesHere
Heroes 400 Heroes RewardGoesHere
Behemoths 600 Behemoths RewardGoesHere
Demon Skeletons 666 Demon Skeletons RewardGoesHere
Frost Trolls 100 Frost Trolls RewardGoesHere
Hunters 300 Hunters RewardGoesHere
Cyclops 700 Cyclops RewardGoesHere
Bonebeasts 300 Bonebeasts RewardGoesHere
Fire Elementals 300 Fire Elementals RewardGoesHere
Slimes 500 Slimes RewardGoesHere
Ghouls 300 Ghouls RewardGoesHere
Wolves 100 Wolves RewardGoesHere
Minotaur Guards 300 Minotaur Guards RewardGoesHere
Dwarf Soldiers 700 Dwarf Soldiers RewardGoesHere
Dragons 800 Dragons RewardGoesHere
Green Djinns 200 Green Djinns RewardGoesHere
Orc Leaders 500 Orc Leaders RewardGoesHere
Mummies 500 Mummies RewardGoesHere
Wild Warriors 300 Wild Warriors RewardGoesHere
Cave Rats 100 Cave Rats RewardGoesHere
Rotworms 300 Rotworms RewardGoesHere
Elves 300 Elves RewardGoesHere
Orc Berserkers 300 Orc Berserkers RewardGoesHere
Goblins 400 Goblins RewardGoesHere
Dwarf Guards 500 Dwarf Guards RewardGoesHere
Crypt Shamblers 300 Crypt Shamblers RewardGoesHere
Blue Djinns 200 Blue Djinns RewardGoesHere
Dragon Lords 800 Dragon Lords RewardGoesHere
Bears 100 Bears RewardGoesHere
Banshees 300 Banshees RewardGoesHere
Bugs 100 Bugs RewardGoesHere
Spiders 100 Spiders RewardGoesHere
Rats 100 Rats RewardGoesHere

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